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Todays the Day

Authors, don't forget, today is the day for Summer of Criminal Minds submissions to be turned in unless you've already spoken to me about extending your deadline. I'll be revealing them tomorrow afternoon, so don't forget to submit yours!
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Ah, forget the previous comment (I deleted it); I'll just post the thing. I can always edit the format later on.

~ sera
::also needs to edit one minor error once her story clears::

Damn editing process missed a word to delete.
I posted mine a week or so ago, but I don't see it now. . . have they not been released yet, or have they been released and I'm just not smart enough to find them?
You're not the only one wondering about that.
i've lost my prompt again. i'm sorry. i'm probably not worth this much trouble, but if you could re-send...?

i can do it by my extended deadline, i promise :)

thank you.... *sigh*

Call me impatient, but I've been sitting on this fic for almost a month now (rewrite not withstanding), and I haven't heard any answers to either my emails or comments here.

I'm unlocking the posting of it on my LJ; feel free to do whatever with the posting here. I'll come back and fix the mistake in editing if/when it clears mod.
i've never not posted in a ficathon i entered, but i really do need to get the prompts again. i've switched computes and can't find the email or the email addy... i can still write it, i promise!

just, um, please tell me what the promts were?