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The Rules and Signup

Why a Criminal Minds ficathon?
It's summer, and we need more fic, the comms have been sparse as of late.

So, there are rules?
Of course there are rules. It's a ficathon. With rules:

Your fic must be a minimum of 1000 words. It must be beta read, spell checked and grammar checked.

ALL Fic goes behind a cut tag.

You submit three prompts. Your writer picks one to write and then writes it!

What format do you want the prompts in?
Comment to this post with your prompt in the following format:

Prompt 1:
Prompt 2:
Prompt 3:

What you do not want to see in your story: Please limit this to three things.
What you will not write:
Are you available as a backup writer?

Filled out, this looks like -

Username: tsiankiio
E-mail: tsiankiio at gmail dot com

Prompt 1: Gideon and Hotch. Post-Season 2 finale.
Prompt 2: Garcia shows up to work early. Then something happens.
Prompt 3: Reid and Morgan solve a cold case by accident. Cement is involved

What you do not want to see in your story: Character death, angst, whomping.
What you will not write: Mpreg, NC-17, threesomes, gore.
Are you available as a backup writer? Yes.

So where do we post our completed fics?
To this comm. The comm is set to moderated status. Once all the fics are in, I'll be going in and approving all the fics in the queue. Please don't post to a personal journal. No one but your betareader should see the fic before the reveal date.

Does my fic have to be betaread?
Yes. Betareading is love. Be loving, spell check and grammar check, too!

What happens if I can't write the fic I've been assigned, or if I'll be late?
You'll have one week after the due date to post your fic. If you haven't posted it by then, you'll be considered to have defaulted, and your prompt will be assigned to a backup writer, unless you have contacted me and given me an exact date on which your fic will be turned in. If you can't write the fic, period, then contact me ASAP, and I'll get a backup writer assigned.

Speaking of deadlines...
Yeah, that's important, isn't it? Here's the timeline:

Sign-ups will close on July 16th.
Assignments will go out by July 23th.
Stories should be posted the week of August 27th.

I have other questions.
Please comment with them.

rules totally stolen from eurekathon
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